An Eco Mattress For And Eco-Friendly Community


Eco-friendly communities like the town of Aptos of Santa Cruz County in California deserves to be recognized because of their contribution to the society for keeping it green and sustainable. That is why the Santa Cruz Natural Mattress has recognized this valuable support the town of Aptos has given to the environment by providing them with an all-natural, eco-friendly latex foam mattress. You might wonder why is there a need to buy one when it is pricey. For starters, owning one does not only benefit you as the consumer but also the environment.

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The eco mattress of Santa Cruz Natural Mattress is made of 100% latex. Latex is the by-product of the sap of Hevea brasiliensis or much popularly known as the rubber tree. These rubber trees are predominantly native from the regions of Asia where workers do not use pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Thus, the produce is of high-quality and toxin-free. During the whole process of harvesting the sap, no trees were harmed nor cut down.


Using natural rubber as mattress has many rewards and it includes the following:

It is hypoallergenic. Because of it being all-natural, rest assured that there are no harmful synthetic additives that were added during the making of the process.

It is resistant to dust mites. Because the mattress is breathable, air can circulate properly thus reducing perspiration build-up on the mattress. It is widely known that sweat and dust among other factors are the feeders of mites. Thus by decreasing this factor, anyone can sleep comfortably while on a natural latex mattress.

It promotes body alignment. The mattress is springy because of the property of the rubber latex. Thereby, it adjusts and supports the body weight of the person, sinking where it is weighty while supporting the rest of the body. A good body alignment during sleeping also promotes a good blood circulation thus the person will feel more relax upon waking up.

It is long-lasting. An eco-mattress could last up to 20 years depending on the use. Because the mattress can adapt to the weight and the shape of the user easily, it is expected that it can withstand the test of time. Furthermore, the foam mattress has undergone a vulcanization process, thus rest assured that it is very durable.

It is affordable. At first look, it is a bit pricey compared to other mattresses. However, in terms of cost per use, you will get all your money’s worth after 15 years or more of use, thus making it affordable and cost-efficient.

In summary, the all-natural latex foam mattress is something that should be considered when looking for a mattress for your home. Visit Santa Cruz Natural Mattress’s showroom or their website, for a great range of mattress that suits your need.