The Buzz For All The Healthy Foods – What Is It All About?

Every time you visit a grocery store you do come across with marketing gimmicks. For instance, you see some convincing banners like Natural ingredients, 100 percent organic, healthy, all natural, a good source of Vitamins, no Hormones, No antibiotics, Cage-free, etc. these terms are basically used to grab the attention of the consumers to make them believe that they are getting something incredible, nutritious, and healthy, but are they really the way they are being promoted?

To find out more regarding how different products get labeled with these terminologies, it is imperative for you to do a bit of research, particularly with FDA;

  • Natural – it means that the product comprises of no artificial or synthetic ingredients
  • Healthy – It means that the product has limited cholesterol, fat, sodium, saturated fat, and contains a viable quantity of minerals and vitamins along with other beneficial nutrients. Even though healthy sounds great, the products can still include calories, sodium, fat, and if you keep consuming such healthy products on a regular basis, you perhaps be getting too fat because you are taking on too many calories.
  • Hormones – These are basically genetically engineered growth medication that makes animals grow bigger, faster and produce milk in most cases. It is added to the feed of the animals or injected into their body.

Hormones known as rBGH has been associated with mastitis which is a painful udder infection, hoof diseases, deformed calves, deadly internal bleeding, and open sores. Artificial hormones used are Melengestrol, Trenbolone, and Zeranol. Trenbolone and Zeranol are given in the form of injection whereas Melengestrol is given to the animals in their feed.

All of these hormones are considered to be linked to cancer as per the European studies. The Canada and U.S. still use hormones, however, Europe does not permit hormones and does not even import beef from countries that use it.

  • Antibiotics – These are medications that are used to treat udder infections that are caused in cows. Overdose and use of antibiotics can make the cows go nonresistant to bacteria
  • Organic – This means that the food is produced or grown following certain guidelines in the USDA. Organic does not always mean that the food is of superior quality or comprise of more nutrients, as an example, ice cream is organic but still contains higher levels of Fat.

As per the FDA claims, different types of chemicals are used to grow crops and raise livestock which are good enough but if we continue to eat those products which contain these antibiotics and hormones, there have to be some long-term effects. If such products are causing issues in cows and make them grow bigger faster, perhaps these hormones are the reason causing obesity and other health issues these days. Hence, it is vital to get the products examined via a reliable company such as buy aa in the biomedical industry.