What Nobody Told You About Seduction Power

Whatever you read on the internet, there’s one single truth you can’t avoid. Your seduction power does not depend on you alone. It depends on the situation and depends on her. If you can’t make her engage, there’s probably nothing wrong with you. It happens to all of us, and this is what this post is about. I want to tell you what most sex gurus won’t say so you can lift your own spirits and know what you’ve experienced around girls happens to the best of us.

You might read tips and tricks, read seduction books, and imagine the exact words and movements you will do, but nobody can change the way you react to her response, and how you interact right at that moment. However, here’s what really happens with girls when you’re trying to seduce them:

If you speak to her with a mindset of seduction, trying to like her, trying to be a player, you’re probably going to look foolish, and she will perceive you’re not being yourself. When you go around a girl, remember the importance of small talk, simple questions, boring conversations, and sometimes even awkward moments.

It happens to all of us. You two are total strangers, you’re coming deliberately to meet her, and she knows what’s on your mind. Within the conversation, there are two main things you can’t help: you can’t help how chemistry works between you two, and you can’t change whether or not she is available to meet and get laid with a new guy, either you or any other.

It’s the same with friends. Nobody is meant to be your friend, sometimes you can connect impressively with someone, but that doesn’t happen all the time. And it is not your fault if you don’t get to be friend with everyone. Same with girls, and even more. You’re not a bad player if you get rejected once and again, and don’t lose confidence when you do, because you will be rejected once and again.

Men who get laid constantly are usually good looking, or at least look fine when naked, they know how to dress appropriately, and they talk to many girls, everywhere, every time. They get many unnatural, awkward and dull conversations and relationships, and they might feel uncomfortable in conversations sometimes. But regardless of all that, if she keeps talking to you, asks stuff about you or even drops her number, something can happen between you too.

If she does not cooperate, it’s not necessarily something you said or did. Have you thought maybe it was not the right moment for her? She’s probably into you, but she’s got a boyfriend she really loves, maybe she’s on her days and thinks all men are the same, maybe a guy just dropped her and made her feel really bad, and she doesn’t want a new relationship. Maybe her cat died yesterday. Maybe it’s not your fault.

So, whatever you do, remember seduction requires not only you but her as well. And whenever you get rejected, don’t think about it too much and go straight for another try. It doesn’t need to hurt, and you don’t need to lose confidence. You’re alright, and it happens to the best of us.

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